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Ebertin began in earnest to show by the use of Midpoints or Cosmobiology as he termed it, that the house and sign of a midpoint is irrelevant.

The Power of Midpoints in your Birth Chart natally and tranisiting planets over Midpoints.

His major work, "Combination of Stellar Influences" emphasises the importance of the energies of the planets in combination, rather than their actual relationships geometrically made by aspect. According to him, the aspect takes its meaning from the planets making the aspect, rather than the traditional meaning of the aspect by geometric relationship, e. There are two midpoints in a chart for each planetary pair.

It is the one of shorter arc or distance that is used, although the other can be an equally sensitive point. The point directly opposite a midpoint is also very sensitive to transits and progressions. If the midpoint should fall where a planet is already posited this will give greater emphasis at that degree and will be a combination of all three planets' energies, though most notably the planet actually posited there.

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Of greatest significance are the midpoints between the Sun and the Moon, and between the Ascendant and Midheaven. These of course are the indicators of the major things of life in general.

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Midpoints are the basis in relationship astrology for the calculation of a composite chart. To convert 25 Virgo 21 to degree format, we simply add 25 degrees and 21 minutes to the starting degree of Virgo degrees as shown in the table above.

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We then get:. To convert 28 Pisces 25 to degree format, we add 28 degrees and 25 minutes to the starting degree of Pisces degrees as shown in the table above.

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In order to determine the midpoint of the Sun and Moon, we must add the two points together and then divide by two. A midpoint is literally the point midway between two points. Therefore, we must add 21 and We get degrees and 46 minutes.

Dividing this figure in two, and we arrive at degrees and 53 minutes. We then convert this figure back to zodiac format.

Why You MUST Use Midpoints in Astrology

Try The Quiz Now!! How aware you are of the relationship between the intellect and the heart can create a better understanding of the self. Test Now! It is an interesting feature of astrology and the study of astrology that it has to account for almost any way in which insight into an individual can be found.

How To Calculate Midpoints from your Natal Chart

Astrology also has to look at different phases of life and different areas of what is happening around you. The more that we know about ourselves the greater advantage we are provided in our lives. If we know for example, that we have a severe fear of enclosed spaces an individual would probably choose not to work in a mine. This does not mean that the fear cannot be conquered but why put yourself under unnecessary stress when you could find many jobs that would not be claustrophobic.