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As temperatures dropped and the nightlife in our town died, so did our bond. There were no hard feelings, though. When I got inside the house, there was a large white sheet up, hiding the scene. I had never been so nervous in my life as I slowly pushed the sheet back to look. There was so much blood. It was a deep colour, pooled thick in the lounge room, and spread through the rest of the house.

Bloodied footprints made their way down the hallway and family photos on the walls were covered in blood splatter. The killer had washed before being arrested and the bottom of the shower was all stained with watery blood. I will never forget it. Luckily, the body had been removed. The family was there and just seeing the mum and how brave she was gave me the strength I needed to get through the job. I started researching everything about the industry online. As luck would have it, they were in Surfers Paradise cleaning up a drug lab in a well- known Gold Coast hotel.

They invited me up for an interview within the hour. I jumped in my car and sped up the highway. It was discovered when the housekeeper passed out from all the chemicals in the air. Being there ignited that fire in my belly and cemented the fact I wanted to be in this job. The scene I walked into was horrific. I rarely get shocked anymore but this was like nothing I had ever seen before. The white bedding was now bright red from all the blood and there was brain matter — even skull fragments — everywhere.

It covered the floor, ceiling, and was even on every item of clothing in her wardrobe because the force of the gunshot was so strong. The saddest thing was seeing her wedding dress hanging there with blood on it; that really hit me hard. Blood had soaked through the bedding, the mattress, frame and floorboards and was dripping into the kitchen below. But there was some paper, trying in vain to cover it up.

It broke my heart because her children are always going to remember what they saw that day. I meet with at least one family member to speak to them about the job before I go in. I also really know how to clean now, so my place is spotless. Another perk is that it pays extremely well; we get paid per hour and some jobs can take up to four weeks to finish, depending on the severity. The longest jobs are when bodies start to decompose, because they basically turn into black mush. All the liquids come out and the skin turns black and falls off, hair comes off too, and it seeps into absolutely everything.

It will go through the entire mattress, the floorboards, and drip downstairs. All it takes is to check in with friends and neighbours, because the suicide rate is so high. I guess in that way, this job has changed me for the better. Basically, we can all be Yeezy if we wish hard enough. As I type, my Cosmo colleagues are talking about pinning a photo of [insert celebrity here] up in the office to put it out to the universe that we want them on the next cover. I was using the power of visualisation, and after getting said job I was hooked. If you stop to reflect by putting it on a board, it helps prioritise where you want to go.

The book has sold over 20 million copies and been translated into 50 languages — the power of manifestation is a global want, apparently. For Kelly, 35, the fascination with visualisation started after making the leap across the pond to London. I noticed that the property next door to where I was renting had opened for viewing. This meant I could buy part of the property and rent the rest.

This property was within my reach!

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As I moved forward and received a schedule of dates and next steps I saw that the contract exchange date was September 21, I got tingles! Scientists seem to think so, which is why there is such a thing as the law of attraction. Even Einstein, who we associate with having all the smarts, spoke about this law, and many believe the proof is in the scientific pudding. Having a visual reminder of good times will help you stay positive and calm, no matter how busy you get.

Then you hear about the story of Hollie, 27, and you wonder what tricks the universe really does have up its sneaky little sleeves. He chose that castle after it was suggested as a good spot to get photos. It all seems so easy, non? All this does is make you more aware of these opportunities that you may have overlooked previously.

Stylist assistant: Ana Zupanoska. Thank you to Hawaiian Airlines hawaiianairlines. You can still make them less noticeable with a quick coat of fake tan, but prep is essential for getting a flawless glow. Fake tan is the ultimate cover-up for any annoying imperfections. It lessens the appearance of cellulite and gives you toned-looking limbs and a perfect bronze colour without damaging your skin in the sun.

A face cream with SPF is a must all year long but even more so in the warmer months. Get an even deeper clean by using a cleansing brush. COM Get silky Time to de-fuzz before you throw on your swimmers. We love using an oil-based lotion as it really hydrates dry skin plus gives a great sheen to limbs. This is an easy style to nail post-swim. Get hair that looks as good post-swim as it does before you hit the salt. Long bob plus messy waves? I woke up like this… so deal with it. STEP3:Repeat the technique and alternate the direction you turn the styler for a beachier wave.

STEP4:Run through with a detangling comb to loosen the waves. Available in the finest salons and at ghdhair. Volume for days! STEP2: Blowdry into hair using your hairdryer. STEP3: Wrap hair around the barrel of your classic curl tong and hold for 8 seconds to create a defined curl. STEP4: Repeat the technique, curling up towards part. STEP5: Once curled, tease lightly with a detangling comb to add volume and texture to the curls.

See page Swiping, matching, ghosting, sexting… being single is so complicated. Theguy should bechasing you! First, we made one of our editors date like it was her job and report back all the best strategies for finding love. So when love strikes or swipes! Be friends first!

His soft, pale belly glowed from my iPhone. A naked pic! His junk was covered by a strategically placed stack of towels. But the unprompted bath- room nude seemed to say, Welcome to modern dating! They had seemed like too much work. Plus, being single is fun! So I took on this assignment for the sake of science — and to inspire anyone else who drags their feet on the dating front.

Her point is solid, though. Dating is a numbers game, meaning bad dates and rejection will happen, but they sting less if you have other dates lined up. For our two weeks together, she emails me specific tasks, like giving my number to a guy and asking out three people who I would have ordinarily swiped left on — and actually going on dates.

Thankfully, Mr Sports is fun, even if he leaves on his cap during the national anthem. I like bald men! He suggests wine on his rooftop. He reschedules. One of them is Banker Bro. Iwas overstimulated, soIMarie Kondo-edmy dating life. I straightup did. And then he answers his phone, twice.

Emma tells me to look for positives on each date. He appreciates good coffee. Neither did I, but he sends me a shirtless picture to show it off. We talk briefly in a group, and when the friends he came with leave for the night, he sits next to me.

Ultimate Frisbee? At this point, the keg is empty and the details fuzzy. But I do know there was a light arm touching an Emma suggestion , followed by a ferocious make-out. Thankfully, Patio Pal asks for mine. My first task? Meanwhile, enjoy your summer! Spoiler alert: I never hear from Patio Pal again. After a few witty exchanges on Bumble, Southern Ginger and I set a date. From the get-go, he slays. As we order another round, I ask myself, Am I having fun? On our walk to the train station, he asks when I can see him again. Oh yes, and Nude Dude follows my Snapchat.

I block him.

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Bracing yourself against his thighs, move up and down, your butt not quite touching down all the way. You get to control the depth and speed, but he can take over by simply thrusting his hips. At home, go for missionary with a plot twist. Dangle one of your legs over the edge of the bed and make little circles as your leading man thrusts. It tenses up your muscles for blockbuster action. Turn to face the wall, with your butt sticking out slightly, and brace against the wall with your arms.

He enters you from behind as you keep your legs as close together as possible, guaranteeing G-spot stimulation. Start in doggie, then lift one leg up and rest your thigh on his hip. The upward tilt of your pelvis repositions your clit so he can do double duty with each stroke.

Slide up and down with your back arched. The shallow penetration stimulates the head of his penis and the first third of your vagina, while he gets to check out some body art. He climbs flush on top of you and enters you from behind, moving in slow, swirling motions. Ihad theworsttime. For our second date, Ginger and I slip into a chic homewares store where we settle on matching butter dishes Aww. At a bar down the street, we go halvsies on beers and I get to know more about him. As we part, I learn one more thing about Ginger: he is a very good kisser. You should see the selfie I took when I woke up.

His hot take: keep flirting with Ginger; ignore Nude Dude to see how he reacts. One word comes to mind: romance. As much fun as this has been, I keep wishing guys would ask me more about me. Unfortunately or fortunately? We sit, and he asks me questions about myself. He suggests what we should split on the menu. How considerate is that? No worries, I hope it works out. And thank you for introducing me to that bar.

After all that, The Boss never asks me out again. I end my six weeks in a funk. Why do the good dates just go nowhere? Why are the men I have friends in common with the ones ghosting? What am I doing wrong? Is that Emma whispering in my ear to take risks? On the cruise, we mingle with his co-workers, dance, and sneak out to the deck to steal kisses. He holds my hand as he walks me home. And you know what, Logan? It was the most romantic thing.

One year and three apps later, all I have to show for it is some fizzled-out convos with random dudes. Like the guy who texted me for three days about the plotline of Mad Max: Fury Road, but never about getting drinks. According to the Pew Research Centre, one-third of dating-site users have yet to go out with someone they met online. In our Cosmo survey, 74 per cent of women and 64 per cent of men said in-app texting leads to a meet-up less than half the time. You basically spend so long sussing out chemistry over text that the value of an IRL hang goes away.

So you become banter buddies with a guy who might as well live in Guam. The key to moving a match offline is swapping digits. At the Oxford Internet Institute, researchers found that only 19 per cent of in-app convos result in sharing numbers — but if it happens, people usually do it within the first 20 to 30 messages, or the first two to four days, says Taha Yasseri, a research fellow at Oxford who helped analyse about 2 million post-match exchanges. The chance of scoring digits increased when question and exclamation marks were used in messages.

Get to the point Why do we do this? Asking for something can make us vulnerable, and that can be scary. But part of being in a healthy relationship is feeling deserving of having our needs met and being aware of what we actually need. So much of our sense of self-worth, our relationship history, and our sense of trust are hiding inside that one word: ask. I give my clients an exercise where I ask them to take any request and repeat the sentence, but each time put the emphasis on a different word. Notice how the meaning shifts. If you want to get an answer, you need to stick to the point rather than communicating through sub- text.

We ask like this rather than just making a request for the thing we actually want. When you do it this way, you reinforce the belief that people like to be asked for things it makes them feel important and that they do matter to you. Part of the reason men resent what they see as nagging is that they were taught never to ask others for help with any- thing.


In my practice, I find that men in unhappy relationships are tired of feeling guilty. What did I do wrong again? Practice makes it easier Learning to ask takes practice. That said, you need to anticipate that you may not always get your needs met — and your partner needs to tolerate your frustration about that. He may say no and you may be upset — the two shall coexist, and then you move on.

Bike wheels. Guys want to be that skeleton. Our dream is to die on top of a giant mound of our own stuff. Be prepared to share him his bros love him just as much as you will and sometimes deal with spotlight hogging. On the plus side, the excitement never ends in bed too! The aspiring Ansari He keeps the squad light and loose and will probably do the same on a first date.

From bathroom humour to Trump jokes, he has it all. Except the maturity to be serious sometimes. Grand gestures are overrated.

The Personality of a Sagittarius, Explained

A casual cold one shows him you care. Or is this normal? But he is acting strangely. I was never the girl who daydreamed about this, so planning is a chore. How do we plan a wedding without letting it take over our relationship? So divvy up the duties and trust your partner to make good enough decisions. The savings in stress and time will be worth it. If you two are planning your life together, suggest that you plan your financial future rather than offering cash.

As part of that, paying off his debt might make sense for you. Or not. And how do I get out of this situation before I screw up my engagement? Ask yourself the scary questions: Do I really want to marry this man? Am I scared of commitment? Should I call it off? Think it through. Talk to your friends. Pulling out of an engagement is painful. Marrying the wrong guy is so much worse, though. Being nice and decent was once the bare minimum, not a cause for special thanks, much less a striptease.

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A chill dinner is great, but the best way to thank a partner for being decent and kind is to be that way right back. I want to get a vagina facial. Will my girl- friend notice a big difference? Oof, this is a super-tough one.

Your Horoscope for the Week of December 17 — December Horoscopes

No browser clearing required. A vaginal facial or vajacial often involves a scrub and mask post-waxing to prevent ingrown hairs. Sure that sounds great, but the products can sometimes cause irritation, especially if any of them make their way into the vaginal canal. She suggests a nonelectric trimmer and washing with a warm-water bath. And then invite your boo to join you in the tub. Roughly one-quarter of women have some bleeding in their first trimester, explains Dr Tami Rowen, an assistant professor of obstetrics, gynaecology and reproductive sciences at the University of California San Francisco School of Medicine.

And it could be anything from subchorionic hematoma when blood pools between your uterus and the placenta to polyps. Start by getting your mind right and focusing on pleasure instead of the big O, suggests sex therapist Vanessa Marin, creator of Finishing School, an online orgasm course. Just try it out! A bath is all you need to feel fresh as a daisy. Most vibes have one or two motors. Tune in to Cosmopolitan. Think outside the rectangle this summer and pick up your round towel today.

Keep your outfit on point all night with Hollywood Fashion Tape. The high-conditioning formula leaves your hair feeling lustrous and smooth, just the way you like it. Novo have your day-to-dancefloor looks sorted thanks to their stunning new gold mules. Each day, 26 million matches are made on Tinder — with more than 10 billion matches made to date.

Start swiping with Tinder. Shedd it for cash. Shedd it on your phone now. Get Shedd in the app store now! Notes of black magic rose linger in a rich, feminine way. Carry the presence of glamour and power now. Take your punch to the next level and serve your fruity drink in a watermelon or add scoops of gelato. The best part? It can be prepped ahead of time so all you have to do is pull it out of the freezer for an impromptu afternoon of cocktails.

Once frozen, blend with half a punnet of strawberries and a tablespoon of sugar or stevia. Enough said. We need one now! Warning: they may just haunt your dreams. What more do you need? Adding fresh fruits and herbs such as citrus and berries or mint and basil can be a great addition to really bring the drinks to life. Try adding frozen grapes to your wine instead of ice cubes. You can also freeze some of your cocktail into cubes to cool things off. The competition is open to all residents of Australia aged 18 years or over, who subscribe or renew their subscription to one or more magazine titles or purchase any product available on Magshop www.

Please see www. For full terms and conditions of entry, visit www. A magazine subscription is the perfect Christmas gift and there is no better title to receive than Cosmopolitan! Listen to your heart before making a commitment. February and April are your two best months for connecting with people. But beware: trust issues may arise mid- year. Habanero peppers have nothing on your love life this year, so get ready for some spicy hot, hot — did we mention, hot?

Look for someone who has a way with his words and his hands this year! If he starts acting shady in April, cut him loose. Get ready because you two are about to go deeper than ever. Prioritise one-on-one time in March and April. Your success secret: speak your mind when you have an out of the box idea. Rest up in January and take some time for yourself.

Your personal life will impact your professional flow more than you realise, so do your best to keep a clear head when it comes to making crucial decisions. May, June and September could bring big changes at work, but if you stay calm and play it smart, you have a chance to create some new opportunities. Instead of thinking about your fitness along utilitarian lines input cupcake versus output squats , find the joy in simply being active this year.

In the stars right now:. Set yourself to beast mode! Focus, focus, focus! October is a 1 month in Numerology, paired with the amplifying power Make it a doppia! Guest astrologer and wellness alchemist, Stephanie Gailing, MS, shares her wisdom for staying healthy during Regain footing in relationships with a zodiac-inspired meditation from psychotherapist Terri Cole.

What the world When the Sun transits fair-minded, harmonious, and aesthetic Libra from September 22 to October 23, Daily Horoscopes: October 9, Daily Horoscopes: October 8, Daily Horoscopes: October 7, Cosmopolitan has since the sixties been a women's magazine discussing such topics as sex, health, fitness, and fashion. Cosmopolitan also has a section called "Ask Him Anything" where a male writer answers readers' questions about men and dating. Over 3,, people are subscribed to Cosmopolitan. Cosmopolitan has found popularity in its new found medium, the "discover" section on Snapchat.

Cosmopolitan's "discover" has over 3 million readers a day. For over a decade, the February issue has featured this award. Cosmopolitan' s November issue features the hottest bachelors from all 50 states. Pictures and profiles of all the Bachelors are posted on www. A team of Cosmopolitan editors then selects the Bachelor of the Year, who is announced at an annual party and media event in New York. The 50 bachelors generally appear on programs such as The Today Show. In the May issue of Cosmopolitan , the magazine launched the Practice Safe Sun campaign, an initiative aimed at fighting skin cancer by asking readers to stop all forms of tanning other than tanning from a bottle.

The awards attracted more than 15, entries and winning and highly commended blogs were voted for in several categories including beauty, fashion, lifestyle, and celebrity. The awards launched in August and nominations are open until 31 August All UK-based bloggers and blogs written by British bloggers abroad with a British perspective can be entered. In May , Cosmopolitan UK announced they were launching their first ever fragrance. This is considered a first in the magazine industry.

Named 'Cosmopolitan, The Fragrance', the perfume takes on the notion of their much-loved phrase 'Fun, Fearless Female' and was set to launch in September. Cosmopolitan played a role in passing the Seventeenth Amendment to the US Constitution , which allowed for the popular election of Senators.

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In September , Cosmopolitan began endorsing political candidates. The endorsements are based on "established criteria" agreed upon by the magazine's editors. Specifically, Cosmopolitan will only endorse candidates that support equal pay laws , legal abortion , free contraceptives , gun control , and oppose voter identification laws.

Amy Odell, editor of Cosmopolitan.