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At your best: Powerful, inspirational, exciting At your worst: Delusional, melodramatic, desperate. Giving a loved one your undivided attention possibly feels as good as gifting gold. It can be hard to offer even a dear one your full concentration with so… Continue.

Someone you love needs you now, and you're guided by today's compassionate Pisces Moon to offer up gifts of your time and attention on a silver platter. Your… Continue.

Your Daily Horoscope For January 11, 12222

Taurus, when it's your birthday it's time to pull out all the stops. We're not talking fanfare or loud parties here -- that's not really your style. You do, however, relish the kind of celebration that indulges all of your senses in the most intoxicating way. Your sign, more than any other, has an almost sacred connection to the earth and this physical world we live in. As a result, anything that involves an opportunity to maximize your capacity to taste, touch, smell, see or hear will result in instant bliss. With each passing year you get even better -- like a fine wine. What makes you happiest is knowing that you continue to build your own personal legacy and empire as you utilize your special talents in a grounded, enduring way.

If you are offered a position that helps you feel secure, consider it. The respect you show others is returned tenfold. Jupiter squares Neptune.

While good fortune and magical moments are part of the equation, you may have to push yourself to get to the next level. You can do it.

Taurus Horoscope For Wednesday, October 9,

Simple pleasures are often best. As the final fire sign of the zodiac, you have a talent for infusing daily life with a philosophical approach. This week, the tactile, down-to-earth nitty gritty is more rewarding. What you can get your hands on, or sink your teeth into, lets you luxuriate in pure sensation. Someone powerful is about to enter your life. Is it you? Feeling accomplished at the end of each day is rewarding. The Sun conjuncts Pluto in your sign.

True, the heavy hitters are all there, but Capricorn is made of the stuff that can take it. Snuggled into the shadows of January, the majority of planets rest on one side of your chart.

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This means your energy is free and available to do with as you choose. There are things you may have to do by yourself this week. This is a mastery aspect as you own your extensive authority. If you would like this week to slow down, it probably will. The galactic dance continues, smiling on your sign. Jupiter squares Neptune in Pisces.

This means an attitude shift has to occur for all, as adjustments are a benefit. The moon in Pisces also finds you focused on your career and your life in public. Important changes are taking place, and a new beginning is here in your partnerships. Your ruling planet, the Sun, meets with the lord of the underworld, Pluto, today, finding you taking on tasks that challenge you to step into your power.

The moon in Pisces finds you craving deep intimacy. Your focus is also on your partnerships, thanks to the moon in your opposite sign Pisces. Important changes are on the way. Important evolutions are taking place in your home life and within your family.


May 11 Zodiac is Taurus - Full Horoscope Personality

The moon in Pisces asks that you tend to self-care today. Important conversations take place today! The moon is in fellow water sign Pisces creating a passionate mood.


It is said that money is power.