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This may explain why Sharma sticks with classics when it comes to her wardrobe instead of falling for fresh trends every season. For me, that would be a waste of money. Taurus individuals can sometimes get so fixated on perfection, they tend to prefer getting things done themselves instead of delegating tasks. Though this need for control can be a burden, it also helps them improve their own skills. It's just that I am never satisfied with things and what I have done.

Taurus Traits

I always want to do something different and unique and be able to control my own narrative and the story of my life. I'm not heavily built, so I knew I was working with a disadvantage—I had to beat people's perception that all wrestlers are huge. While researching, I found that many female wrestlers were built like me.

The actor makes sure she's never working on more than three projects at a time. As hard-working as they may be, few zodiac signs can get as lazy as a Taurean who thinks they've earned a break, and their homes often reflect their love for lounging. Most Taurus individuals' bedrooms feature plush, indulgent fabrics and cushions, soothing colours and even fragrant candles.

This zodiac sign favours all things that appeal to the senses.

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Just like fellow earth sign Capricorn , Taurus is a bit of a recluse, favouring quiet time at home with loved ones over a party packed with strangers. This is not just the case with industry friends, I've always been this way," Sharma said back in , and often talks about the importance of spending time with family. This sign also favours tradition, and Sharma's wedding served as proof. This woman has many wonderful, admirable qualities. The Taurus woman loves to do things slowly and steadily.

Taurus traits

She knows that it is this way she can build solid and more grounded structures. Taurus females are seldom impulsive and risk taking, especially when it comes to their domestic sphere.

Taurus Woman: Personality Traits & Characteristics of the Female Taurus

In fact, she is one woman who wouldn't complain while doing very demanding tasks. She is very hard working and persistent. Ruled by the planet of beauty and luxury Venus, Taurus females are fond of making their living spaces aesthetically and functionally beautiful. A neat and clean, lovely space can be a real pleasure for a Taurus wife and so will it be for her husband. This Taurus Woman Personality reading is based on the Moon Sign, the sign where the Moon was placed at the time of your birth. If you do not know your Moon Sign, click here to find it out for free!

5 Signs You Are A Taurus Girl!

The Taurus woman likes simplicity, order and harmony at home. In conflicts, the Taurus women may never be upfront about the real problem and confront the people involved. In all likelihood, they will give the silent treatment to the offenders. Like their male counterparts, the Taurus women are good with finances and know how maintain quality standards in the given budget. They will never jeopardise their financial security for the sake of momentary, material pleasures.

If you want to know the fiercely loyal and practical Taurus women in detail, please read the Taurus Nature.

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